04.11.2022 11:30 am

Acronis stops all activities in Russia

Alongside most of humanity we at Acronis are also outraged and deeply concerned by the Russian attack on Ukraine. We support the people in this country fighting for its freedom and call for peace to return to the region. At the same time we have joined the sanctions that have been imposed and are stopping all activities in Russia.


Humanitarian support
As a company we are aware of our responsibility for the people in Ukraine who require assistance. The Acronis Cyber Foundation has therefore provided USD 500,000 for humanitarian assistance. We are also opening employment opportunities in all of our offices around the world for Ukrainian refugees who have had to flee from this conflict and now need work. In addition, the team at Acronis Cyber Foundation is also working with various agencies to implement such further measures as personal financial support and the provision of urgently required accommodation, food and clothes.


Cyber protection guaranteed even during the crisis
Even in the current situation we can guarantee that our security solutions will remain available to protect business and private data. This is guaranteed by such factors as the following three:


  • The Acronis IP and software is developed, tested and hosted at our head office in Switzerland.
  • Our development environment prevents insider and supply chain attacks on our code.
  • None of our cyber protection services or global data centres are located in Russia. It is equally important that our data centres have several certifications, including ISO, SOC, HIPAA, CJIS and NIST 800 171 compliance with FIPS 140 2 encryption. We therefore fulfil or exceed all of the GDPR requirements globally.


As a global company, founded by a Singaporean citizen in Singapore in 2003 and registered in Switzerland in 2008, over 2000 of our employees in 34 countries join with people all over the world who are calling for peace.

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