ComLine Compliance

ComLine Compliance


Our company is more than just a place where business is done. We see ourselves as part of a larger community and our actions are guided by a clear mission statement: Compliance with legal requirements, respect for human and labour rights and a sustainable approach in all our activities.

Our website offers you not only insights into our range of products and services, but also into our values and commitment. As ComLine GmbH, we always strive to question and improve our actions.

QHSE Richtlinie

QHSE Guideline

Quality, Health, Safety
and Environmental (QHSE) Guidelines for ComLine GmbH.

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Arbeits- und Menschenrechtsrichtlinie

Work and Human Rights Policy

Our company is committed to respecting, protecting and promoting fundamental labor and human rights.

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Environmental guidelines

ComLine GmbH is committed to adhering to sustainable business practices and protecting the environment.

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Lieferanten Verhaltenskodex

Suppliers code of conduct

Our organization is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and social responsibility throughout our entire supply chain.

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Reporting office

ComLine GmbH offers your employees and business partners the opportunity here to report violations of certain national and EU-wide regulations and laws,…

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