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06.15.2022 12:35 pm

The new macOS 13 beta is coming – approach with caution!

There’s no PC or Mac user on the planet who wouldn’t be curious about the new features the latest release of their favourite operating system has to offer. For the Mac community, the recently staged Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022 provided some facts to stir this curiosity even further. It seems that the newly christened […]

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06.07.2022 12:35 pm

Cross-platform malware “Gimmick” is also attacking Apple users

A group of Chinese cyber-criminals are operating under the name “Storm Cloud” and threat analysts are concerned by their extraordinary skills. This was the opinion of American cyber security company Volexity which was the first to discover malware developed by Storm Cloud that was previously unknown but is “highly developed with a lot of varied […]

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05.23.2022 12:05 pm

Like lions in the savannah: A watering hole attack on macs

By Candid Wüst “Watering hole attacks” are among the most perfidious of attack strategies: Like lions at a watering hole on the African savannah, cyber-criminals hide behind pages previously infected with malware that are visited frequently or are highly likely to be visited by the target group of the attack. The particular risk of this […]

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04.22.2022 11:58 am

The most common reasons for losing data: there are many ways to doom

Using widespread surveys, Acronis regularly records how individuals and companies handle their digital data. The picture they paint is not particularly rosy; neglecting data backups tends to be the rule rather than the exception for both user groups. In the most recent survey fully 68% of private users admitted that they have lost data due […]

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04.20.2022 08:30 am

Menacing Crash Landing Instead of Soaring Career Opportunity

Above-average salaries, varied tasks, and excellent career opportunities make Lockheed Martin Corporation one of the most attractive employers in the United States. So, if a job offer from the sought-after employer lands in someone’s personal inbox, only a few of those chosen to receive the email would refrain from taking a look at it. This […]

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04.11.2022 11:30 am

Acronis stops all activities in Russia

Alongside most of humanity we at Acronis are also outraged and deeply concerned by the Russian attack on Ukraine. We support the people in this country fighting for its freedom and call for peace to return to the region. At the same time we have joined the sanctions that have been imposed and are stopping […]

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04.07.2022 10:37 am

On the differences between toasters and mass storage – some backup issues

Mass storage and toasters have one thing in common: they break down occasionally. But if such an issue befalls your toaster it at worst results in a less tasty breakfast, but the consequences of a hard drive or SSD crash can be incomparably more dramatic. In the very worst case scenario irreplaceable data is lost […]

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01.18.2022 09:02 am

Acronis Cyber Threats Report, Part 3: Chronology of an Attack

Abstract data and figures can illustrate the magnitude of the threat posed by cyber attacks. However, examining a specific case in detail really brings home exactly what’s at stake during a cyber attack and which precise steps can be taken to minimise the damage. In the following example, taken from the Acronis Cyber Threats Report, […]

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01.18.2022 08:58 am

Acronis Cyber Threats Report, Part 2: Social Engineering – People as a Vulnerability

According to the Cyber Threats Report, social engineering was one of the most commonly used attack vectors in the first half of this year. Before examining some of the most significant examples and the techniques used in these cases, let’s take a look at the term “social engineering” itself. The concept of social engineering was […]

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11.29.2021 01:22 pm

Numbers and facts from the Acronis Cyber Threats Report 1st six months 2021

In order to effectively protect the sensitive data of companies and end users from cyber attacks, continuous observation of and research on the global threat is of essential importance. With the aid of such a global radar screen, the strategies and tactics of new and known cyber-criminals, their attack targets and vectors as well as […]

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