The perfect choice

ComLine is a distributor that combines a high degree of professional expertise and outstanding market knowledge with the great personal commitment of our staff.

For many manufacturers, ComLine is the perfect choice of distributor for direct access to their target markets and customers.

The way we act is determined by the need and the desire to generate sustainable, high-margin business for our customers and manufacturers.



Key expertise

We develop marketing strategies, reseller programmes and sales concepts for our manufacturers, and implement them reliably and at short notice with resellers in the market.

Our excellent digital toolbox with in-house developed, intuitively usable and highly efficient digital processes raises the cooperation between resellers, distributors and manufacturers to a new, unique service level.


  • Latest logistics processes with extensive digital interfaces
  • Specialised business units for Apple and App Business, Software and Microsoft, Basics and Periphery, Smart Home and Smart-Living, Digital Audio and Digital Video
  • Unique, highly efficient digital sales and service tools
  • Special expertise in the development and implementation of selective sales concepts