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HOMEPILOT: ComLine takes over distribution and intensifies partnership

Delta Dore Group launches HOMEPILOT,
a new brand offering smart home solutions for the B2C market.

Delta Dore Rademacher GmbH is a major player in the smart home market in Europe and continues its ambitious development plan. It is strengthening its position in the B2C market with the launch of HOMEPILOT, a consumer brand aimed specifically at DIY enthusiasts who want to install simple smart home solutions themselves. As part of this new direction, ComLine and Rademacher are pleased to announce that ComLine, as a leading IT value-add wholesaler, has taken over the distribution of the Homepilot product range. This strategic partnership marks an important milestone in the cooperation between the two companies, which has been in place since the end of 2022, and will significantly increase the availability and reach of the Homepilot products.


With the new brand, Rademacher aims to present the innovative smart home solutions of the Homepilot portfolio even better. The product range is aimed at do-it-yourselfers who want to furnish their living spaces themselves with smart home solutions. This segment of “do-it-yourself consumers” is growing strongly and accounts for about 20 % of the smart home market in Europe (source: Coda 2020). Homepilot combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive operation, enabling users to intelligently network and control their homes. From lighting control to blind and shutter control to heating and energy management integration, Homepilot offers a comprehensive range of functions to increase home comfort while ensuring energy efficiency.


By partnering with ComLine, Delta Dore Rademacher GmbH will significantly expand the availability of its Homepilot products on the market. ComLine, as an established IT distributor with extensive experience in the industry, is the ideal partner to further drive the success and distribution of the Homepilot product range. ComLine will use its extensive distribution infrastructure and professional network to make the new brand accessible to a broader customer base and further strengthen it.


“We are very pleased to be working closely with ComLine as our distribution partner for the Homepilot products. ComLine brings extensive expertise and a strong presence in the IT industry. Its distribution capabilities and commitment to outstanding customer service will help Homepilot reach an even greater number of customers and enable them to experience the benefits of smart home technology.”
Dirk Möllers, Head of Business Unit Consumer of Delta Dore Rademacher GmbH


ComLine is also excited about the intensification of the partnership.


“With Rademacher we have another partner with whose products we are further expanding our smart home portfolio. The Homepilot products are an excellent fit with our range and open up new possibilities for our customers to make their homes smart. We are convinced that this partnership will be a great success for both Rademacher and ComLine.”
Tim Lassen, Head of Business Unit Smart Basics of ComLine


With the new branding and the strengthened partnership with ComLine, the Delta Dore Group can further expand its positioning as one of the leading manufacturers of smart home solutions, while at the same time customers have an excellent contact partner at their side in ComLine.


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