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Press release



Save the date: ComLine face2face 2019

No sooner has the ComLine industry event in 2018 gone off successfully and without a hitch, but the 2019 meeting is already in planning: ComLine has set the dates for the 11th face2face events for 9+10 May 2019.

The firmly established event, very popular event with both manufacturers and resellers, will take place again next year, and once again the venue will be the Robinson Club in Fleesensee on the Mueritz.

„In the shape of the Robinson Club Fleesensee we have an experienced and competent partner at our side, which has hosted the face2face event for years, and knows exactly what our in-house event is all about. In the coming year we will continue to concentrate on expanding our digital process optimisation. An important aspect of our face2face event remains the contact and discussions that take place between manufacturers, resellers and the ComLine team. Here we are going to provide even more time for networking and developing business.“
Johannes Borm, head of marketing at ComLine
At this year’s event it was once again the personal touch and the professional, yet informal atmosphere of the in-house expo that won over the attendees:


„No other event manages to bring together manufacturers and resellers in such a pleasant and productive atmosphere, provide such a source of inspiration while simultaneously promoting business so effectively and successfully as ComLine’s face2face event.“
Oliver Scheven, managing director of scheven it & more

Over 40 different manufacturers will be attending again next year to present their new products to ComLine’s partners or to extend their network.

All those interested can already mark 9+10 May 2019 in their diaries, more details will follow in the second half of the year.