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01.18.2022 09:02 am

Acronis Cyber Threats Report, Part 3: Chronology of an Attack

Abstract data and figures can illustrate the magnitude of the threat posed by cyber attacks. However, examining a specific case in detail really brings home exactly what’s at stake during a cyber attack and which precise steps can be taken to minimise the damage. In the following example, taken from the Acronis Cyber Threats Report, […]

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01.18.2022 08:58 am

Acronis Cyber Threats Report, Part 2: Social Engineering – People as a Vulnerability

According to the Cyber Threats Report, social engineering was one of the most commonly used attack vectors in the first half of this year. Before examining some of the most significant examples and the techniques used in these cases, let’s take a look at the term “social engineering” itself. The concept of social engineering was […]

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11.29.2021 01:22 pm

Numbers and facts from the Acronis Cyber Threats Report 1st six months 2021

In order to effectively protect the sensitive data of companies and end users from cyber attacks, continuous observation of and research on the global threat is of essential importance. With the aid of such a global radar screen, the strategies and tactics of new and known cyber-criminals, their attack targets and vectors as well as […]

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11.29.2021 11:42 am

How Acronis Cyber Protection would have prevented the MediaMarkt incident

A few days ago, we posted about the unfortunate incident of the successful ransomware attack on Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer, the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. Although the company has its own Security Operations Centre (SOC) and only introduced its new security strategy in 2015, implementing over 30 specific measures for improving security and minimising risks, […]

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11.23.2021 09:51 am

Almost forgotten but yet back again

In January this year, there was a notification of success that caused numerous companies, public authorities and hospitals to relax a little. The latter two of these institutions were then the focus of attention for malware, that according to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and Attorney General could have cooked their goose: Emotet. The […]

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11.17.2021 10:22 am

The latest example of why effective cyber protection is indispensable

In a recent blog post, we wrote that a backup solution alone is not enough to guarantee effective protection against the ever-growing risk of ransomware attacks. Not only can the period of downtime until the affected data and systems are fully restored still be extremely costly, but it is also impossible to eliminate the risk […]

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11.17.2021 10:15 am

The benefits of an integrated backup and malware solution

There’s a new and very modern addition to the list of plagues in the Bible (locusts, flies, frogs… etc., etc.) that’s driving companies and individuals around the world to despair, and it’s called Ransomware. When a ransomware attack blocks access to the entire system or encrypts irreplaceable data, the response is invariably one of profound […]

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11.01.2021 10:45 am

Cyber dangers in 2022: What you can expect and how to protect yourself

Charts are immensely popular. People are downright passionate about ranking virtually everything under the sun these days. lists the most popular first names in Japan, the 110 most popular campsites in Europe, Cosmopolitan the hottest hairstyles of the year (the Gelly Bob! The Choppy Cut!) – nothing and no one is immune to […]

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11.01.2021 10:00 am

Working from home: security risk of video conferences

Although the numbers have declined slightly in recent months, about a quarter of all employees in Germany are still working from home entirely or at least part of the time – and according to a study by the German Institute for Employment Research, the majority of them actually quite enjoy it. The advantages are obvious: […]

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09.07.2021 08:36 am

Apple has a malware problem. Apple users perhaps not.

In 1987, when university professor Fred Cohen asked the USA’s National Science Foundation for funding to research countermeasures for the, at that time, new phenomenon of so-called “computer viruses”, he was rejected. He was told, “This work is currently of no interest.”From today’s perspective this verdict seems as absurd as the record label Decca’s one-time […]

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