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Press release



Intelligent sales concept for Homekit-capable products

ComLine offers large consumer retailers the perfect combination of digital catalogue and real sales module for the Smart Home segment.

It has never been so easy to control and secure your home using smart phone, tablet or watch when you’re on the move, and even by voice. ComLine is proud to present the first shop sales concept that has been specially developed for Apple Homekit capable products.


„Stationary retailers have long been looking for solutions that enable them to showcase smart home concepts to their customers as an experience. A real build is usually not possible due to spatial or technical restrictions, but with its Smart- Living-Finder™, ComLine manages to carry customers off to a virtual world and show them the automation and simplicity of Smart Home digitally.“
Gil Schleyer, Elgato’s Deputy Sales Director Europe & APAC
Retailers can choose from three modules:
• 1-metre gondola for limited floor space. 30 product spaces plus small advertising banner plus digital Smart Living Finder™.
• 2-metre gondola for a somewhat larger shop presence. 50 product spaces plus advertising banner plus digital Smart Living Finder™.
• 2-metre gondola plus heightened back panel with extra-large advertising banner for a more powerful effect on the customer. 50 product spaces plus digital Smart-Living-Finder™.

Each sales module depicts products relating to the Smart Home categories of comfort, energy saving and security. On the shelf level them the customer can find the Homekit products to take away.

All the three shop modules contain the Smart-Living-Finder™, the digital catalogue on the iPad Pro, which is individually tuned to the respective article. The advantage is in the fact that the Smart-Living-Finder™ shows the complete range of products digitally, without you having to unpack them or put them on the shelves. This way the consumer gets to discover additional articles conveniently and comfortably.


„Our development gives retailers the opportunity to properly showcase smart, connected products in retail markets for the first time: how to distinguish between products that are Homekit, Alexa or Google compatible, and especially how to practically get the manufacturers’ new products to the point of sale in real time. I believe that our modules are the best combination of digital catalogue and real shop shelf.“
Kim Jannsen, Smart Living Product Manager at ComLine